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The Most Revolutionary NFT Launchpad lives on Solana


TheSuperSOL is the next step in launchpad development to allow future NFT artists to grow and market NFT projects with ease. The NFT launchpad platform running in the world of solana incorporates a unique launchpad model. NFT holders can incubate, fund and launch the most promising projects across NFT artists.



As the Solana ecosystem grows, we see more and more nft projects that are expected to appear out of nowhere, but the artists find it very difficult to market their nft or even to grow in the solana ecosystem. We are here to help NFT artists grow and be able to develop their projects. TheSuperSOL offers a secure platform where the community is in complete control of their project's Launchpad process. We will bring high quality projects to market. They will provide long term value and build lasting communities. we look forward to making a positive contribution to the Solana ecosystem and presenting a strong investment opportunity.


TheSuperSOL Holders Incentive


Earn With TheSuperSOL Launchpad

TheSuperSOL is a revenue sharing launchpad for the solana NFT project. holders will receive 50% of revenue from launchpad and 50% for fees when launching the project


Charity SuperArmy

20% of the minting fee will be used for Giveaways and Events to the community so that our SuperArmy community can earn passive income and for those who hold NFT . and not only those who like our art, but we appreciate that every holder has the right to get passive income from us



All verified holders will have access to participate in various Launchpads on SuperSOL. and for NFT holders it will be the initial support for a big project that is going to the moon and which can definitely be a big passive income for NFT SuperSOL holders


Earn $SOS Tokens

Every NFT Supersol holder will get an airdrop of $SOS tokens and they can also stake their NFT SuperSOL to earn $SOS tokens. and we not only make NFT SuperSOL for short term investment but we will make it long term and sustainable investment for NFT SuperSOL holders. and besides in the future NFT SuperSOL will be the main ticket of Metaverse



- PreSale 240 
- Public Sale 960
- Airdrop for TheSuperSOL NFTs holders
- 60% of sales revenue will be allocated to DAO wallet community

Notice: our website is the only place for Mint.


We are planning and ready to list in ALL markets in solana, NFT market will be launched in various markets as expected for Ftx Us, SolanArt, MagicEden, solsea, aplha art, digital eyes etc.


In this repurchase process, we will use our Treasury to purchase TheSuperSOL that is selling below the mint price on any secondary market. Prices on mint day will be the cheapest.


As you can see, we are on a mission to help small projects meet our quality standards by growing audiences, marketing, mentoring, etc.


This is a good opportunity for SuperArmy holding NFT will have access to initial investment in big projects


TheSuperSol $SOS is a TOKEN is a utility token used to facilitate the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT). a non-fungible Market (NFT), launchpad allocation, and staking


These are the team members who manage and build the project together with the art director. Other team members contribute by managing social networks, marketing and other tasks.

Super OG

Dev and creator


Operations, Marketing and Partnerships

Fin shiller

Moderator of all Social media channels.


Moderator of all Social media channels.


TheSuperSOL OF 1200 ULTRA REALISTIC. Great art is only the beginning.
Ultra-realistic 3D details, Utilities ,Staking,Incubator,NFT Launchpad,

NFT TheSuperSOL Auction
-60% will be allocated directly to the DAO wallet community
-20% will be used for Giveaways and Events to the SuperArmy community
-20% will be received by Team

YES! Very. Please see our full Roadmap. Here are some highlights:
$SOS tokens, earn and stake.
Every TheSuperSOL holder will be entitled to participate in various kinds of Launchpad
TheSuperSOL Incubator, helping smaller projects to get started in exchange for benefits for our SuperArmy members.

- holders will receive 50% of revenue from launchpad and 50% for fees when launching the project ( distribution every month )
-50% of Secondary market royalty income is allocated for project incubation and 50% is allocated to artists )

TBA  ( join the twitter and discord community for the latest news )

TBA ( join the twitter and discord community for the latest news )